About Us

Welcome to our Restaurant, where culinary passion is combined with great dining! Our restaurant, located in the heart of the city, is not just a place to eat; it’s a paradise for foodies looking for an amazing gourmet adventure.

We Believe That Food Has The Power To Change The World

We are a Syrian-inspired restaurant that is widely known around the world. We take pride in providing a varied selection. Our outstanding grilled pieces come with delectable varieties of chicken, lamb, fish, and shawarma at an affordable price.

What is our plan? We are the group’s entrepreneurs because we continually emphasize great, high-quality meals in a pleasant and welcoming setting.

Our serving portions come at a reasonable price. Our casual environment is as adaptable as if you were at home.

Sometimes old favorites are the best, and we think, there is nothing better than our mixed grill platter.

Have you tasted our authentic Tabouleh Salad yet? It makes you feel healthier just by looking at it! You’ve got to give it a try.

Dining in Damascus Restaurants is incomplete without our Shish Tawook and Lamb Kebab. Dishes meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family.

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The values that drive everything we do

Love & Passion

It's the love for creating extraordinary dishes and the passion for delivering exceptional service that define our restaurant.


We believe that exceptional cuisine begins with an artful balance of tastes, textures, and aromas.

Care & craft

Our commitment to care extends from the moment we source our ingredients to the final presentation of each dish.


It encapsulates our unwavering commitment to prioritize the needs and desires of our valued guests above all else.


we believe that teamwork is the secret ingredient that elevates our dining experience to exceptional heights.


From the precision of our culinary techniques to the attentiveness of our service, quality permeates every aspect of your dining experience.